Another Fishing Adventure

It's been a long time since the TAT family had a fishing adventure. In fact, it's been a very long time.

We were lucky enough to follow some friends to the spit last week. That's where the lagoon meets Grantley Harbor.

It was a beautiful day.

Our kids were psyched. Levi started relaxing the second we got there.

The net was rigged to a pulley, so the first step was pulling it out.

Kaitlyn helped too.

Fishing Adventure Puppy

While we waited for the net to catch some fish, Kaitlyn and Levi played with our friends' puppy.

(Note to readers: Kaitlyn and Levi want a puppy so bad. Their mean mom says no. She much prefers short-term puppies that can be given back after a while.)

There was also some binocular using.

This is a picture of the net in the water. You can see the little white buoys leading up to the big orange buoy that marks the end of the net.

Everyone has a slightly different method of retrieving fish from the net. Some people pull the whole net out. Our friends take the raft out every time they see the net bouncing around after a fish gets stuck. That way the fish don't stay in long enough to get super tangled in the net.

Fishing Adventure Head

I was wearing Ella in the baby carrier most of the time, so I didn't do any of the actual cutting. I was just a spectator.

Kaitlyn and Levi were mostly spectators too. Here they are staring at fish eggs with their mouths open. 🙂

Our friends' fish camp has some upgrades we didn't have the first time we did Brevig Mission fishing. They have a table so you can stand while cutting fish instead of hunching over a log. They also have carpet squares that keep things from getting too slimy and slippery. First class.

Kaitlyn got up close and personal with the fish head.

We hung the fish on an initaq (drying rack).

(Note to Readers: Kaitlyn is holding a cookie in this picture, not some weird piece of fish.)

While Levi didn't help with any of the actual cutting, he did help with fish gut disposal.

Fishing Adventure

We stayed out at the net until after 10:00pm. I took the above picture shortly before we headed home. See how light it is? We're losing daylight every day, but it's still light long after bedtime.

Shout out to our friends for taking us on another fishing adventure!