Tundra Flowers and the Beginnings of Fall

We're back in Brevig Mission and under quarantine. We're allowed to go outside, so I've been taking walks with the kids in the mornings before most people are awake.

Tundra Flowers Walk

We found a little trail down by the lagoon. I'm kind of embarrassed that we've lived here for eleven years and I didn't know about it. I guess I should get out more.

Tundra Flowers Yellow and Purple

I'm also embarrassed to admit that I saw more tundra flowers on this one little walk than I've seen in all of my time in Alaska combined.

Tundra Flowers Purple

Maybe our walk was the most flower-strewn walk ever, or maybe I need to get out more (that's kind of an ongoing theme here...)

Tundra Flowers Bright Yellow

The tundra flowers were right there. Not even very far from our house.

Tundra Flowers Light Purple

I don't really know a lot about tundra flowers. I know nothing about tundra flowers.

Tundra Flowers Tall Purple

It'd be really cool if I could tell you what type of flower this is.

Tundra Flowers Light Yellow Tips

You'll have to go here or here for that kind of information.

Tundra Flowers Cotton

On this blog you'll just find me wondering what the heck this is.

Tundra Flowers Yellow 2

Or this. It almost looks like the subarctic version of a Bird of Paradise.

Tundra Flowers Fireweed

This one I know. It's fireweed. Which, by the way, makes really yummy jelly.

Tundra Flowers Minnow

Kaitlyn and Levi were less interested in flowers and more interested in minnows.

When I didn't have my head down looking at flowers, I was taking in the colors of Fall. It won't last long.

Moral of the story: when I get outside, I like it. I should do it more often.

Tundra Flowers Ella

P.S. This little lady stayed at home. She'll make her formal debut on the blog soon. 🙂