Introducing Ella Grace

The Alaska Teacher family is proud to announce another miracle: we adopted Ella Grace.

(Astute readers will notice that Kaitlyn's announcement posted 38 days after her birth, Levi's posted 20 days after his birth, and Ella's posted 270 days after her birth. It's rough being a third child...)

Ella Grace

This was the first picture we saw of Ella. She was born on November 28th, just as we were coming home from the Thanksgiving feast. Because there are were no flights on Thanksgiving or the morning after, I had to wait 24 whole hours before flying to Nome to see her. 🙁

But I got there. And she was tiny. And adorable.

Kaitlyn was over the moon excited for us to come home. Levi pretended he didn't care, but Steve said when he heard noises outside he said, "I hope it's Mom and the baby." I think he was secretly excited too.

Daddy was happy to see her.

We, of course, had to dress her up in ridiculous outfits.

So snuggly!

She was the perfect addition to Christmas pictures.

She gets a lot of love around here.

From everybody.

In fact, it's kind of a miracle I got a picture of her alone. (Aren't her little rolls cute?)

The classic kaspak and maklaks picture. Her gorgeous maklaks were made by her Gram Sarah.

Just like Kaitlyn, we started Ella on avocados. Her reaction was about the same.

She much prefers peas. Look at her lean into that spoon!

Kaitlyn likes dressing her up.

In this picture they're wearing matching dresses. 🙂

Levi likes to snuggle with her.

And read to her.

And play laser tag with her.

She's our little Ella Bella Boo Boo Boo, and we're so grateful she's part of our family!