Traveling Back to the Alaska Bush

traveling back to the alaska bush baggage in Nome
The kids are sitting on top of 600 pounds of our luggage that we flew into Nome. We picked up another 200 pounds of frozen food from the cargo office. 🙂

I've written before about the shopping we do in preparation for a year in the Alaska Bush and the way we travel with tubs. This year Steve and I had it down to a science as we were traveling back to the Alaska Bush.

Step 1: Shop for 250 pounds of dry goods in the Lower 48 and fit them into five tubs.

Step 2: Take advantage of Alaska Airlines' Club 49 benefits to check two free bags when you fly to Alaska.

Step 3: Stop in Anchorage for 24 hours and buy 200 pounds of frozen food at Costco. Drop them off at the Alaska Airlines cargo office and ship them for $10 per 100 pounds. Bonus points if you have amazing friends in Anchorage who watch your kids while you do this.

Step 4: Buy 80 pounds of random stuff at Walmart. Fit it into two cardboard boxes.

Step 5: Check three free bags per person on your way to Nome (thanks Alaska Airlines!).

Note to Readers: I know this sounds like a paid advertisement for Alaska Airlines. It's not.

Additional Note to Readers: We heard that Alaska Airlines is now only allowing two checked bags per person from Anchorage to Nome. I guess we'll find out the next time we travel...

Step 6: Use Gold Points at Bering Air to ship your hundreds of pounds of freight to Brevig Mission.

Step 7: Fill your freezer and pantry with everything you brought home.

Step 8: Feel like a rockstar.


  1. Jess Kingsford says:

    It’s crazy only if you haven’t done it before, lol! You must have this down cold after 15 years, that is just amazing! It’ll be fun following your adventures from afar!

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