Spring in Brevig Mission

My social media feeds are flooded with pictures of Spring-esque activities: smelling flowers, taking walks in capris, watching butterflies... Well, Spring means different things in different parts of the world. I thought I'd write about Spring in Brevig Mission, our little corner of the world.

Spring in Brevig Mission: Puddles Can't Stop Us From Playing

Spring in Brevig Mission means a return of the sun and rising temperatures. It stays light until after 11:00pm now. And the warmer temperatures create puddles all around town. As you can see, the puddles don't stop hoards of little kids from playing outside. They're super excited for the return of light and warmth, so they're outside all the time. That means a lot of laundry washing muddy socks, pants, mittens, etc...

Spring in Brevig Mission: Puddle Boots

Spring also means puddle boots. I used to call them rain boots growing up, but now I call them puddle boots like everyone else. We don't get a lot of rain during Spring in Brevig Mission, but we do get a lot of puddles.

Spring in Brevig Mission: The Wrong Kind of Boots

I don't have puddle boots. Yet. I ordered some, but they haven't come in. That means I have wet socks a lot.

Spring in Brevig Mission: Seals

Spring also means seal hunting.

Spring in Brevig Mission: Kaitlyn and the Seal Flippers

Kaitlyn wasn't afraid to pose by the seals in various stages of butchering. That's how I know I'm raising an Alaskan child.

Spring in Brevig Mission: The Walk to Teller

It was so nice out that Kaitlyn and Levi's cousin said they were going to walk to the neighboring village of Teller (six miles away). I let them walk far enough to get this picture. Then I called them back. 🙂

Spring in Brevig Mission: Initaqs

Spring in Brevig Mission means meat hanging on the initaqs (drying racks) again.

Spring in Brevig Mission: Kaitlyn and the Ice Crack

Spring means cracks in the sea ice.

Spring in Brevig Mission: Exposed Beach

Spring means parts of the beach aren't covered in snow anymore. Perfect for rock collecting and playing in the sand.

My favorite part of Spring is the daylight. Kaitlyn's favorite part of Spring is the walks on the beach.

What does Spring mean in your corner of the world?

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  1. Tombo says:

    Spring semester here at BYU-Idaho is by far the best! I love how the campus blossoms and everyone seems to be in a bit more a chipper mood compared to the stiffness of winter in Rexburg. I love walking through campus and seeing everybody out and about. Its fun to walk through an apartment complexes parking lot and seeing everybody’s door open, makes the town sound a little more alive. And pretty soon in a month or two it’ll be time for bridge jumping and floating down the river, some of my favorites.

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