Shopping in Bush Alaska: Easter Edition

Because I'm an awesome mom who plans ahead, I went shopping for eggs the day before Easter. Not a good plan for shopping in Bush Alaska.

There were no eggs. My daughter was with me, so I couldn't leave the store without at least some Easter paraphernalia.

This was our haul:

Shopping in Bush Alaska: Easter Edition

(Thanks for not judging me because the only clear surface in my house was one of the recliners.)

  • Easter Fruit Snacks- $8.49    This was my first suggestion as a replacement for the eggs. Unfortunately, it was located near other Easter gear, which led to our next purchase...
  • Rabbit ear headbands- $4.89 each   These will provide Kaitlyn with approximately seven minutes of fun. Levi won't care about them at all. Unless of course, Kaitlyn had one and he didn't. Then he would care a lot.
  • 32 oz Grape Gatorades- $4.95 each   Kaitlyn and I each had a scratchy throat, and Gatorade feels really good on scratchy throats. We might have saved some money if we'd gotten smaller bottles, but we both wanted grape flavor.
  • Barbecue sauce- $4.09   We're almost out of the specialty barbecue sauce I ordered online, and this bottle was clearly labeled "No High Fructose Corn Syrup," which made me feel like a responsible adult. It didn't seem to be too outrageously priced, although I'm not sure I can tell the difference between outrageous and reasonable anymore when it comes to food prices.
  • White Peppermint M&M's- $4.76   This was an impulse purchase for me because I love all things peppermint (except tea, I really don't like peppermint tea). I was hoping the bag would be 50% off because it's a Christmas specialty candy, but it wasn't. Almost five dollars. On the last day of March.

So, no eggs, but a few consolation prizes suggesting we may still in fact have a Happy Easter.

Shopping in Bush Alaska: Easter Edition Bunny and Receipt

Kaitlyn started in on her seven minutes of bunny-ear-headband-provided fun by pretending to be a bunny, which apparently means crawling around on the ground and sniffing the air.

Also, for those bad at or uninterested in math, photographic proof that the grand total for today's only moderately successful adventure shopping in Bush Alaska was $38.13.

Happy Easter.