Shopping in Bush Alaska: My Daughter is Sick Edition

I braved the cold today to go to the Brevig Muit Store again.  My primary reason for going was to get my daughter some apple juice.  My primary reason for taking pictures of what I bought was to provide TAT readers with more insight into the price of shopping in Bush Alaska.

Here's my haul:

Grocery haul in bush alaska, Brevig Mission

Note to readers: I tried to arrange these groceries artistically to get a good shot, but my kids were clamoring for the apple juice.  They don't understand photo styling at all...

Apple juice in Bush Alaska

Three bottles of apple juice.  $9.89 each.

Three large bottles of apple juice is not a regular purchase, but Kaitlyn has been sick the past three days.  It's been so pitiful that when she asked for apple juice I had no choice but to walk to the store and buy as much as I could carry.

It made me feel like a good mom. 🙂

Buying eggs in Bush Alaska

A dozen and a half eggs.  $5.39

I lucked out with this purchase.  The cooler was empty of eggs, but they were unpacking a new shipment as I was shopping.  I snatched up the above carton from one of the store employees.

Shopping in Bush Alaska: potatoes

Five pounds of Washington potatoes.  $10.79

This purchase was particularly painful for me.  Maybe because I grew up in Idaho where potato prices are quite a bit lower.  Maybe because I knew my mom would faint when she saw how much I paid for five pounds of potatoes.  (Hi Mom!)

Note to readers: I don't have a picture of the price of the open bag of Doritos because there was no price tag.  I don't know how much they cost.  I just bought them as a treat for Steve.  Anyone interested in the price of the chips can do the math when I share the total price below.  Thank you.

Three bottles of apple juice, eighteen eggs, five pounds of potatoes, and an open bag of Doritos.

Total price:


I didn't even blink.  Twelve years of shopping in Bush Alaska has prepared me for this.

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