Introduction to Brevig Mission

It seems I’ve never properly introduced Brevig Mission on the blog.

Brevig Mission, Alaska from the air

TAT readers, this is Brevig Mission.  Brevig Mission, meet TAT readers.

Fun Fact: The 2010 U.S. Census listed Brevig Mission's population as 388.  There's definitely more people than that now.  For example, there are twenty first-graders.  Not to mention the Kindergarteners, preschoolers, and the  sixteen women in Brevig Mission that are currently expecting babies...  Suffice it to say that our population is experiencing an upward trend.

Brevig Mission, Alaska Runways

Here's another view of Brevig Mission.  One that shows the perpendicular runways we need because the wind is often so crazy...

In 2010 Steve and I had the opportunity to transfer to positions at Brevig Mission School.  We loved Shishmaref but were lured by the prospect of running water and our very own washing machine.

So, we packed everything up onto the school district plane and sent it to Brevig Mission.  (Full disclosure: there might have been two plane loads of stuff.  Steve and I are kind of stuff people.)

Fun Fact: Much like when we landed in Shishmaref, there was no one to greet us in Brevig Mission.  The airline agent was nice enough to give us a ride to the principal’s house (Hey Gil!  Thanks for the ride!), but she wasn’t there.  We ended up at a neighbor’s house eating waffles and holding their adorable three-month-old baby until someone realized we were there and brought us keys to our house.

The Alaska Teacher's House

We live in the north side of the west duplex (there’s an identical duplex right behind us).   In the picture, it's the left half of the house.  

Fun Fact: Our house is unit number one.  I like to tell people it’s because we’re number one, but that might be kind of lame.

Boxes, Boxes, Boxes

The view inside the house once we got inside.  Boxes.  Everywhere.

(Note to readers: Yes, I had an entire box filled with air fresheners and yummy-smelling lotion.  I had a problem.  Try not to judge me.  Thank you.)

This fabulous house is equipped with a few things we didn’t have in Shishmaref:

-A flush toilet

A bathtub

-A washing machine that we share with our next-door neighbors

But, enough about our plumbing, let’s meet more of Brevig Mission.


This building is across the street from us.  It's called the Multi.  It houses the Post Office, the Village Public Safety Officer,  and the Native Village of Brevig Mission Tribal offices.

Brevig Mission School

This is the school.

Fun Fact: It's about a three minute walk from our house.  That doesn't sound like much, and it usually isn't on the way to school.  But, when the north wind is blowing snow directly into your face on the way home, it seems like an eternity.


The Head Start building is where Steve teaches preschool.  It's right next to the big school.

Brevig Mission Clinic

This is the clinic.  It's beautiful.  It has a team of health aides, a nurse practitioner, and a village-based counselor.  It also hosts dentists, audiologists, dietitians, psychologists, and others on occasion.

Fun Fact: if your son cracks his head open by pushing back in his high chair, the clinic can staple his wound shut without you and aforementioned son having to fly into Nome.

Brevig Mission Clinic Sign

Proof that this is actually the clinic and not just a random blue building I photographed because I was too lazy to walk to the real clinic.

Brevig Mission Has a Stop Sign!

Proof that we have traffic signs.  (What's with all of the proof pictures?  I must have been photographing defensively...)

Snow in Brevig Mission

Fun Fact: This is how much snow we got last night.  Enough to cover my boots and get on my pants.  You're welcome.

F&T Store in Brevig Mission, Alaska

This is one of the stores in town.  The owners also own one of three trucks in town.

Bingo Hall in Brevig Mission, Alaska

This is the Bingo Hall.  It's where most of the adults hang out during the evenings.  Steve and I aren't really bingo players, but I have been inside to vote in local, state, and federal elections and to participate in the annual Halloween Costume Contest.

Fun Fact: My Ursula (from the Little Mermaid) costume won $50 for being the prettiest.  True story.

Snow Machines Covered in Snow in Brevig Mission, Alaska

I just liked this scene of snow machines covered in snow.

Dog Lot in Brevig Mission, Alaska

A few people still keep dog teams in lots at the edge of town.

Initaqs in Brevig Mission, Alaska

The beach is home to initaqs (forgive my Inupiaq spelling, I'm still learning), racks used for drying fish during the summer.

Army National Guard Building in Brevig Mission, Alaska

The beach is also home to the Alaska Army National Guard building.  I have no idea what it is used for.  Probably something National Guard-ish.

Lutheran Church and Brevig Muit Store in Brevig Mission, Alaska

The white building is the Lutheran church and parsonage (the pastor's family lives on the top floor).  I go there often to visit the pastor's wife, who happens to be our principal.  The blue building is the Brevig Muit Store.  I go there less often because they close shortly after I get off work, and it's always crowded at that time.  Steve usually makes the trek to the store on Saturday mornings.

Fun Fact: Muit means person in Inupiaq.

View of a dog musher from the parsonage in Brevig Mission, Alaska

The above picture was taken from the windows in the parsonage.  It's a dog musher mushing into the sunset.  Picturesque, huh?

I love Brevig Mission!

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  1. Sarah Alston says:

    You know, I spent two weeks here, but hardly remember what any of the buildings looks like. Wonder why. Oh yeah! That’s because it was snowing horizontally the whole time I was there, blocking my vision almost any time I went outside! 🙂

    Love that little village and the people in it.

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