Mommy Blog: Successfully Making It Through the First Year

Factors that have contributed to my not blogging include:

-excruciatingly slow internet

-a camera that is misbehaving and the inability to fund a new one (for some reason, Steve doesn't thing that "camera" needs to be one of our major budget categories...)

-the cosmically unfair fact that our version of photoshop is incompatible with my new laptop

-my laziness preoccupation with other things

But, I'm back.  You're welcome.

Countless things have happened in the last year, but one is particularly noteworthy: my baby turned one.  Lucky for me/Kaitlyn/all of my readers, my amazing sister-in-law was able to document Kaitlyn as a newly minted one year-old.

Note to readers: These pictures were not taken in Brevig Mission.  They were taken during a visit to the Lower 48 that Kaitlyn and I made in March.  If they had been taken in Brevig Mission, they would have consisted of Kaitlyn in a snowsuit, coat, boots, gloves, and beaver hat with only her little eyes poking out.

Kaitlyn Walking in the "Woods"

She walks now.  Both a blessing and a curse.


Kaitlyn Swing

Kaitlyn got to enjoy a swing for the first time.
Kaitlyn Laughing Swing

Something tells me she liked it.

Note to readers: My mom loves this picture.  It's on the fridge at my parents' house.
Kaitlyn Swing Portrait

For those of you artsy types, I'm including this portrait.  Isn't it beautiful?
Kaitlyn reaching for the cake

My favorite pictures were the ones of the Cake Smash.

I spent days on etsy looking for the perfect tutu.  Please try not to judge me.

I spent days on pinterest looking for the perfect cake.  Again, please try not to judge me.
Ultimate Cake Smash Kaitlyn

It was all worth it.