Introducing Kaitlyn Emily

Just a little over a month ago, Steve and I were given the opportunity of a lifetime: adoption.

We got the call that our baby was being born on Monday, March 21, but bad weather in Brevig Mission kept me in town until the next morning (it was an agonizing night of waiting).

While I was traveling, this little lady was born.

I got to the hospital in Anchorage about six hours later, and she looked more like this.

As the adoptive mother, I got to stay in the hospital with Kaitlyn. We had matching identification bracelets. I slept in a bed next to her bassinet. I got to wake up to feed and change her. I loved it.


I had to buy a carseat so that I could take her home from the hospital.

Note to readers: please don't judge me because I let my daughter go home from the hospital wearing hospital-issue clothes. Thank you.


The scariest part of the trip was the flight from Nome to Brevig Mission. I was wearing Kaitlyn in a baby carrier under my jacket. I was terrified that I was going going to smother her. I was also afraid to check on her because I didn't want her to get sick from the cold. I spent most of the flight praying like crazy and straining to hear her breathe.

Needless to stay, we made it home safely.

Daddy came home for lunch to meet his little baby.


It was love at first sight.


We aren't the only ones who love Kaitlyn. Her birthmother is from Brevig Mission, so there is a host of grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins that adore her. People have been bringing over clothes and gifts (including the hat in the above picture) since we got home. It's amazing.


To prove we are first-time parents, Steve and I do things like take take pictures of the first time we changed her clothes...



And taking nearly identical photos of Kaitlyn sleeping and sending them to the grandparents.


We also think that every little thing she does is cute enough to warrant preserving for posterity.


Even her crying is cute...


But we certainly prefer moments like these.

Mommy and Kaitlyn

We are tired. We are thrilled. We are grateful. We are happy.

Look for more Kaitlyn posts in the near future.