Flat Stanley’s Final Adventures

Flat Stanley had to return to his home in North Ogden, Utah. He enjoyed a Priority trip via the USPS. (Hey Post Office! Thanks for getting him there safely!) In his honor, I thought we would do a showcase of Flat Stanley's final adventures in Shishmaref.


FS made lots of new friends. Some of his friends were even cute girls! Wahoo!!!


One of FS's new friends even shared a candy bar with him! (Don't worry, no germs were spread.)


FS made cinnamon rolls. He was a little disappointed that he didn't get to learn how to butcher seals or walrus, but the school was having a little water shortage problem. No water = no way to clean up marine mammal guts = gross.


The older girls gave FS a lesson on scissor safety and let him help make kuspuks (traditional Inupiaq shirts). FS was going to make his own, but he didn't like the flowery material.


There was more sewing action in the elementary wing.


FS couldn't thread his own needle, but his stitches were nice and even.


FS was super excited when we let him paint. I guess he doesn't get to do that very often at home.


His finished product turned out pretty good. Way to go FS! (You'll notice he labeled the paper underneath his lantern so he could tell it apart from all the other ones.


FS even got to help the eighth graders make cotton candy for a fundraiser. That could have been a drag, but he got to eat some of the extra cotton candy, so it was all good.


FS watched some kids coloring Tlingit headbands.


The kids were especially cute and friendly.


They invited him to join in, and he got to show off his mad skills with a red crayon.


The finished products turned out pretty good.


This is FS with Peggy. Peggy came to Shishmaref from Fairbanks to teach art for Inupiaq Days.


FS took advantage of Peggy's expertise by creating a Zen Tangle under her direction.


FS also learned what happens when you have high cholesterol. Your blood is supposed to flow through your arteries like the tube on the left, but if you have high cholesterol your little blood beads get blocked like the tube on the right. Very sad.


I heart Flat Stanley.


Thanks for staying with us.