Field Trip: A Blizzard



This was the view out of my side kitchen window yesterday morning, afternoon, and evening.


I could just barely make out the school snow machine and other assorted items that usually occupy the space near our house...



This was the view from my front kitchen window.



I actually braved the storm enough to stick my camera out the front door.


Middle of October

I realized that the above picture was kind of useless to my gentle readers that don't know what the view from my front door usually looks like. So, this is the normal view (except that sometimes the water is more frozen).


October Storm

And this is what the view looks like during a storm that's not a blizzard.



But yesterday was a blizzard. I did not feel like walking out into this, so I spent the day doing the following things:

-curling up on my couch
-wearing my jammy pants and fuzzy socks
-spending quality time on my laptop

(It has recently come to my attention that my behavior during a blizzard is mostly the same as my behavior NOT during a blizzard...)



I couldn't avoid the snow any longer this morning.



I had to go to work.



So, I put on my biggest boots and crawled through the massive drifts...

(Note to readers: My husband, who usually exercises outstanding judgment, didn't bring his boots home over the weekend, so he had to make his way through this snow in loafers. I mustered enough sympathy to only laugh semi-loudly as he soaked said loafers, along with his socks, slacks, and the bottom portion of his coat.)



to my classroom.



The snow made this cool pattern. I'm sure you could tell something about the wind speeds by looking at the pattern of the snow plastered to the side of my portable. I just don't know what that is.



The rest of the village was similarly covered.



Drifts were piled up against houses...



the health clinic...



storage units...



and over vehicles. Luckily, this truck hasn't gone anywhere for a while anyway.



This is our buddy George.



George is digging up his snow machine. Good luck George!

I'd like to say that this will be our last storm for a while, but I just can't muster the optimism.