Field Trip: New Playground

Shishmaref School got a new playground this year. This has been a colossal event to the kiddos in town. Steve and I took a jaunt down to the playground (before the snow fell), and I thought I'd bring TAT's faithful readers along for the ride...


Here is the playground in all its splendor. To truly appreciate it, you have to know that our old playground was tiny and WITHOUT SWINGS (doesn't that seem criminal?).


One of the coolest features of the new playground is the vortex. It appears to be a type of merry-go-round. The kids use it to pile up on top of each other and then fight about whose turn it is to get off.


I took a few twirls on the vortex. It was fun. It had all of the thrill of a merry-go-round without the omnipresent risk of flying off to your doom. I appreciated that.


Steve enjoyed spinning kids as fast as possible. He gets a real kick out of making people almost throw up.


Another cool feature of the playground is the steering wheel. You may not be impressed, but wait until you see the next picture.


A gear shifter!!!! That's brilliant. If I had one of these growing up, my life would have been a lot easier (I learned how to drive a stick in front of an audience of middle-aged men. I was working at the paper mill in Lewiston the summer after my freshman year of college. Part of my job included driving an ancient truck. It was scary. I didn't like it).


The second best feature of the playground is the swings. I don't think any playground should be without swings. I have always loved swings, even though I received the only pink slip of my entire elementary career while on a swing (hey playground monitor at Grantham Elementary, I'm sorry! I didn't know that having four people at a time on one swing was against the rules! I was only a kindergartener).


The Shishmaref kids were extraordinarily impressed with how high I could go on the swing. I tried to explain the physics of why I could go higher, but I failed miserably. (VFN extends moderately sincere apologies to anybody that is offended by the above picture. It seemed necessary to illustrate exactly how high I was able to go on the swing. Thank you for understanding.)


Without a doubt, the best feature of the playground is the adorable kids that hang around.

Seriously, be still my heart...

This girl is cute AND sweet!


I'll never get tired of watching these kiddos have fun.


They remind me of everything I love about Shishmaref.