How To Survive: Take Advantage of Fresh Stuff

I hadn't been to the store for a while, so I thought I'd take a walk over and see what was available. Imagine my surprise when I was BOMBARDED with fresh stuff! Wahoo! Needless to say, I exercised no restraint and bought it all. Now I have some very big plans. Here's what I scored:


Butter. Real butter. I went to the store hoping to find this so that I can make Steve some from-scratch chocolate cake. It turns out that my recent baking escapades have only involved my favorite types of desserts (mainly centered around caramel). I had been selfishly ignoring Steve's preferences (it happens sometimes).

one pound of butter = $5.15


I postponed my chocolate cake plans when I discovered these apples. They weren't the firmest apples around, but they were free from mold, rottenness, and oozing juices, which makes them outstanding village apples. I will use them to make an apple pie. Lucky Steve...

four apples = $5.65


Peppers! Green peppers! Steve didn't like peppers when we got married. Now he loves them. I consider that one of my finest achievements. Some of these beauties are destined for fajitas with homemade tortillas, but tonight I will use two of them in stuffed peppers. It was going to be a surprise for Steve, but as soon as he woke up from his nap, I told him.

five green peppers = $6.25


Onions make pretty regular appearances at the store, but I'm still grateful for them. Mostly I'm grateful that when I put my hand in the onion bin I didn't touch anything soft and squishy.

Four yellow onions = $3.92


These are my babies. I heart tomatoes. I used to eat them like apples when I didn't live at the edge of the earth. The tomatoes that make it to Shishmaref are usually mushy, but these look pretty good. Of course, it helps that I dumped out the little green basket and filled it with only the firmest red spheres. I felt a little guilty, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

pint of cherry tomatoes = $2.29 (I was so jazzed when the cashier said that price that I hollered, "Wahoo!!!" Right in the store. In front of people.)


Since I bought the tomatoes, I had to buy cream cheese so I could make garlic stuffed tomatoes. I'm a little bit ashamed to admit how excited I am to eat the tomatoes stuffed with the cream cheese. My fixation on them has reached the "unhealthy" stage.

sixteen ounces of cream cheese = $8.55


Eggs. Always a good idea, especially if Steve is overcome with a desire to make me breakfast in bed.

one dozen eggs = $3.49


This last purchase was purely a token of love for Steve-o. He likes to make pizza. I want him to be able to do things that he likes. I also want to encourage him to cook as often as possible. 🙂

thirty slices of pepperoni = $3.15

Grand total (with tax) = $39.22

Major excitement and staving off food boredom for another week = priceless.