Pro: Beautiful Sunsets

I love Shishmaref Sunsets. There's something about a northern sky aflame with colors that's absolutely gorgeous. I took this picture a few nights ago. Steve was out, and he came in to tell me about the sunset (he knows I love them and love to take pictures of them; what a nice guy). He was even a good enough sport to pose in the picture for me so I could have a dramatic silhouette.


My favorite sunsets are the ones that happen over water. Unfortunately for me, those sunsets only happen a few months a year. When we get to Shishmaref in August, the weather is warm (by warm, I mean fifty degrees). One of my favorite things to do is sit on the rocks by the water and watch the sunset.


Another neat thing about sunsets and sunrises in Shishmaref is that they happen at funny times. During the winter we only get a few hours of light a day. Sometimes the sun rises at about noon and sets a few hours later, so it's possible to see both the sunset and the sunrise in the same day from my classroom windows.

Who could ask for anything more?