Pro: Absolutely Adorable Children

(Don't you just want to pick this little guy up and put him in your pocket? I do!!! He doesn't actually fit in my pocket, so I have to settle for picking him up and smothering him with kisses every time I see him.)

In a tribute to my friend and fellow blogger Jaz (I'm hesitant to post a link to her blog here because it's so much cooler and more witty than mine that you will immediately abandon my blog forever without looking back. However, I feel like withholding the link would be denying my gentle readers the glee and excitement I feel every time Jaz posts a new entry. So, here's the link: Jaz's Amazing Blog) I decided to start a running pro and con list of living in Shishmaref (Jaz has a similar running list of living in Germany).

My first pro: Absolutely Adorable Children. I am not kidding. Eskimo kids are some of the best looking kids in the world. There's something about those chubby cheeks, the black hair, and the dark brown eyes that completely melts my heart.

I Love This Boy

I invite this little guy to live with us every time I see him. He always tells me no. 🙁 I even offered to buy him Heelys, but he told me he already has Heelys. 🙁 He is too fast for me to pick up and smother with kisses, so I have to settle with waving really enthusiastically every time I see him and cheering really loudly for him during elementary school basketball games (oooooooohhhhh, that should be another pro, but I'll save it for another post...)


Doesn't this just make you wanna slide across the ice on your belly? I would have if I hadn't been holding my new camera (Steve says I don't have to be careful because it's fully insured, but it feels wrong to treat it poorly). This girl and her friends were sliding across an ice patch and giggling and laughing. So fun! These kiddos love to have fun.


This happy little pumpkin belongs to the math teacher. He is one of the funniest little kids EVER. He always says the silliest stuff, and he sometimes uses very grown up words. He loves to be tickled and chased. I took this picture while he was trying to play peekaboo with my camera.

I heart Eskimo kids. I heart heart HEART Eskimo kids. I tell everybody that I want an Eskimo baby. The ladies laugh and tell me that I married the wrong man (Steve is as pale as I am with red hair). If somebody in Shishmaref walked up to me and said, "Hey, do you want my baby?" I would say yes without even thinking about it. Then I would take the baby home and make Steve start cleaning out our storage room so we could use it as a nursery. I'm serious.

Another great thing about kids in Shishmaref is that most of them are super friendly and comfortable with lots of different people. I think its because they grow up around so many aunties, cousins, and grandparents all in one place. They're use to being passed around. Countless kids will come up to Steve and me at any community or school event and sit on our laps, crawl on our backs, or wrap themselves around our legs. I've had kids fall asleep on me (one little girl incidentally wet her pants after falling asleep on me).

I Love Babies!

Angie and Another Baby

Angie Amoking Nellie.JPG

Despite the occasional bladder control problem, I love interacting with these kids. They make me feel like a part of the village.